Inspire Your Drivers

Dauber Application was contrived from the idea that there had to be a “better way.” The bulk hauling and logistics industry had fallen victim to tradition.  These traditional processes and methods slowed down communication, hindered growth, and overall lacked in simplicity.

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Dauber CEO Brian Jones realized that technology could revolutionize the hauling industry. He discovered that an app like Dauber could be the industry’s solution to reach its full potential and make customers happy.

Realizing Our Full Potential

Your favorite app is now part of an emerging family of solutions, products and services. We are now Dauber by NewMile. Founded by experts and visionaries, NewMile is centered on providing the industry with next-level innovations and support. This new chapter enables us to continue delivering on the experiences and technology that you’ve come to love—and to give Dauber customers exclusive access to even more innovative developments throughout the quote-to-cash process. 


Upgrade Your Fleet

Dauber is an application that provides tools and services for trucking companies, contractors, and material suppliers to go paperless, share information in real-time, automate their dispatch, and ultimately give more loads per day for the trucks.

Grow Your Business

At Dauber, we are there every step of the way. Our technology can look across a truck’s day and plan it out to fit more loads into their allotted time. More loads in a day equals more money for the drivers and the trucking companies. Our goal is to make scaling your business as seamless as possible.

Meet The Team

Brian Jones

Brian Jones

CEO, Co-Founder
Travis Jones

Travis Jones

CTO, Co-Founder
Kelly Scott

Kelly Scott

Director of Product

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