Alleviate Headaches With Automatic Dispatching

After many years in the trucking industry, the Dauber team is all too aware of how overwhelming and difficult it can be to schedule out your fleet of drivers, and coordinate all of their jobs in the most efficient way possible.

How Can Dauber Help?

Dauber’s automatic dispatching technology has made it easier than ever for you to dispatch your fleet’s loads automatically and avoid getting bogged down by the logistics of scheduling. With Dauber’s help, you will be able to complete more jobs in less time.

How Does Automatic Dispatching Work?

With just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily coordinate and manage your drivers schedules to ensure that every load is picked up and delivered on time, everytime. Your drivers will receive optimized routes and easy-to-follow instructions for their load drop-off and pick-up locations directly in the app on their own phone.

iPhone showing the automatic dispatching screen of the Dauber app.
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dauber app approval

Benefits Of Automatic Dispatching

Dauber’s automatic dispatching technology makes it easy to connect with your drivers so you can send out new jobs automatically. With automatic dispatching, you will be able to minimize the amount of time your drivers lose sitting idly and ultimately maximize the loads each truck can transport per day. Check out our case study with Stever Howard, Founder of AGGSHIP Solutions, to see how automatic dispatching revolutionized his business.

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"Compared to the old school method I endured for years, I'm far more efficient with less paperwork. And my drivers love the ease of the app. I can pay them faster now because everything they need to get paid fast is right on their phone."
Manager of AggShip in Austin, TX
"For years we've been looking for something like this. We even tried creating something from scratch. We were so glad to find this. Thank you!"
Tre Leoni
L Contractors in Austin & San Antonio, TX

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