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React Faster With Responsive Route Optimization

The Dauber team knows how frustrating and costly it can be when your drivers get caught up in inefficient routes and heavy traffic on the road. When your drivers are slowed down, fewer jobs are completed, and opportunities are missed.

How Can Dauber Help?

Dauber utilizes responsive route optimization technology to generate the best routes for your drivers.The Dauber app also utilizes GPS status tracking while your fleet is on the road, so that you can follow every truck along its route and accurately estimate arrival time between jobs.

How Does Responsive Route Optimization Work?

The responsive route optimization feature gives your drivers the best routes possible paired with clear driving instructions. With a simple click of a button, you are able to create cost-effective routes that optimize your trucks and drivers, and ensure you meet your customers delivery requirements.
Screen showing the responsive route optimization feature of the Dauber app.
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dauber app approval

Benefits of Responsive Route Optimization

When you let the responsive route optimization do the work for you, you are able to reduce the hours spent trying to coordinate everything by hand. When you’re sure that your trucks are driving on the most efficient routes possible, you will notice that your fleet is raking up fewer empty miles, saving gas, and cutting your overall operating costs.

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"Compared to the old school method I endured for years, I'm far more efficient with less paperwork. And my drivers love the ease of the app. I can pay them faster now because everything they need to get paid fast is right on their phone."
Manager of AggShip in Austin, TX
"For years we've been looking for something like this. We even tried creating something from scratch. We were so glad to find this. Thank you!"
Tre Leoni
L Contractors in Austin & San Antonio, TX

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