Less Stress With Paperless Tickets

Are you tired of seeing your desk cluttered with piles of load slips and tickets? When you try keeping track of physical paperwork, you run the risk of misplacing them and disrupting your fleet’s operations.

How Can Dauber Help?

The Dauber App utilizes electronic load slips and touchless ticketing to not only keep your drivers safe against the transmission of diseases, but also to help you stay more organized in your day-to-day operations.

How Do Paperless Tickets Work?

With lots of back and forth between job sites, accurate documentation is of the utmost importance for receiving payment for the job completed. With Dauber, all of your tickets become digitized within the app for drivers and site operators to quickly and efficiently sign off on and move to the next job. Access any ticket at any time with Dauber.
iPhone showing the autoiPhone showing the paperless ticketing screen of the Dauber app.
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dauber app approval

Benefits Of Going Paperless

When you decide to go paperless with Dauber, not only will everything be easily accessible to you from your smartphone, desktop or tablet, but you are also able to complete your invoicing and payroll quicker, and with higher accuracy. As we are also in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of the utmost importance to keep everyone on the road safe and healthy. Our paperless ticketing system makes it easy to avoid close contact with any other drivers or site operators to help minimize the possibility of disease transmission. Check out our blog from our founder and CEO, Brian Jones, and learn how paperless ticketing can help your fleet.

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"Compared to the old school method I endured for years, I'm far more efficient with less paperwork. And my drivers love the ease of the app. I can pay them faster now because everything they need to get paid fast is right on their phone."
Manager of AggShip in Austin, TX
"For years we've been looking for something like this. We even tried creating something from scratch. We were so glad to find this. Thank you!"
Tre Leoni
L Contractors in Austin & San Antonio, TX

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