Are You Experiencing Any of These Frustrations?

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Piles of Paper Tickets
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Having to Turn Away Business
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“What are my trucks doing?”

If you answered yes to one of these, let’s talk. Dauber may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Meet Dauber,

The Dump Truck App Built to Change Lives.

All companies that manage dump trucks share the frustration of wasted time and money, poor communication and lack of visibility, so we’ve created a simple-to-use mobile-based tool to help overcome these obstacles and empower trucking companies to quit wasting time and start making more money.

What Makes Dauber Different?

While the rest of the world has changed, the dump truck industry has not. History shows those who fail to keep pace with technology will be outperformed by those who do, and could eventually become obsolete. (Look at the taxi industry!) Dauber is a modern tool designed specifically for dump truck fleets to help them reach the top and then stay on top. Don’t be confused or misguided by other services…

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    "Compared to the old school method I endured for years, I'm far more efficient with less paperwork. And my drivers love the ease of the app. I can pay them faster now because everything they need to get paid fast is right on their phone." 

    Steve Manager of AggShip in Austin, TX

    "For years we've been looking for something like this. We even tried creating something from scratch. We were so glad to find this. Thank you!"

    Tre Leoni L Contractors in Austin & San Antonio, TX

    "The way trucking is being done is so frustrating. But with this (Dauber) I have been able to completely restructure my business. I have visibility and information about my fleet that wasn't possible before." 

    Chet Owner of AggShip in Austin, TX

Are you a dump truck fleet owner or operator struggling to increase productivity?

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