Dauber’s Touchless Ticket Approval Process Protects Drivers and Ticket Signers

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Dauber’s Touchless Ticket Approval process protects drivers and ticket signers

As our industry adjusts to the new realities of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Dauber has been focused on the safety of drivers and ticket signers.

Unfortunately, material delivery can not be a WFH (work from home) task.  Drivers need to make deliveries to sites, and on-site foremen/ticket signers need to approve deliveries.

However, we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses by following some recommendations by the CDC.  

In particular, people should avoid close contact (within about 6 feet) as the virus can travel in respiratory droplets.  The virus is also known to survive on solid surfaces for several hours and even days.

The traditional process of signing paper tickets (or even phone screens) may increase the disease transmission.

Dauber’s Touchless Ticket Approval process allows drivers to document their loads (i.e. ticket data, photos) in the Dauber Driver app.  When on site, drivers simply mark loaded or unloaded in the app.

Ticket signers, when signed up with Dauber as a site operator user, can approve loads using a web browser on their phone or computer.

The process is simple.  Drivers don’t need to exit their trucks.  Ticket signers don’t need to download any new apps.

We are committed to your safety.  Our prayers and efforts are with you.


Brian Jones
Founder & CEO


If you would like to set up a site operator user, or are not yet a Dauber customer, please schedule a demo.

For more information about Touchless Ticket Approval and other Dauber feature releases, visit https://github.com/dauber-applications/platform/release