The Cost of Empty Trucks: Dump Truck Pain Points Pt. 7

empty dump truck

We made it to the final week of our 7-week blog series titled, “Dump Truck Pain Points”, where we are exploring the most common pain points experienced by fleet owners, operators and drivers, and explaining how the Dauber App was developed to help you overcome them.

Dauber’s goal for the industry as a whole is to equip it to enjoy higher profits, happy drivers and an overall better quality of life.

This week we’ll explore:

The Cost of Empty Dump Trucks

The Problem:

It is a fact that dump trucks unnecessarily drive a high percentage of their miles with their beds empty every day, causing profits to slip away. This problem affects both owners and drivers who are unable to grow their business without figuring out how to increase their loaded miles. And because drivers usually only get paid when their trucks are carrying a load, they often become frustrated over lost work opportunities.

Fleet owners and operators lack of control and visibility of their fleet makes it nearly impossible to identify how close your fleet is to capacity. This leads to unwanted cancellations and over committing. Without efficient ways to dispatch, trucks are driving empty miles.

The Solution: 

With efficient dispatching, dump trucks can be fully utilized without pushing them over capacity. The Dauber App uses real time optimization to intelligently lower the number of empty miles driven. Throughout the day Dauber constantly reevaluates the available work and assets, and then optimally assigns work to the best available trucks.

By minimizing the number of empty miles driven and increasing the number of loads delivered, everyone benefits. Customer satisfaction increases because of the increase in on-time deliveries. Profit increases for fleet owners and drivers as the amount of empty miles decreases and repeat customers grows.

Dauber understands each fleet has its own set of needs and goals for the future. That’s why we take our time getting to know fleet owners and their particular needs. It’s important to us that our app is a solution that is effective, easy to use and enjoyable for everyone.

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