The People Behind Dauber, Meet Brian Jones

Brian Jones CEO | Dauber App- Solutions for Fleet Owners, Drivers and Dispatchers

The most important piece of Dauber Applications is its people.

Without the passion and dedication of our team, Dauber would lack the human component that makes the app’s possibilities so impactful. To better understand what Dauber can do for you, we believe it’s important you understand the people behind it.

Meet Brian Jones, the Co-Founder and CEO of Dauber Applications.

Brian spent a year and a half researching and discovering for himself the common pain points of the dump truck industry. Since then, he has poured everything he learned (and continues to learn) into developing the Dauber App.

Enjoy getting to learn more about Brian and stay tuned for our blog next week about Jay Heck, Dauber Application’s Support Manager.

 Q: What is Your Favorite Thing About the Dauber App?

A: In the beginning, my favorite part of this was the fact that the industry lacked so much technology. As a creative person, it felt like a green field of possibilities.

Overtime my favorite thing has evolved to become the real improvements this app is having in the industry. Doing an app demo for a perspective client is exciting for me. It’s almost like magic to them. It can be intimidating at first because the technology is so new, but as the demo goes on I enjoy watching people transition from nervousness to focusing on all the possibilities ahead of them.

dauber dump truck management tool

Q: What Are You Most Proud Of?

A:I’m most proud of digitizing the dump truck process and for the app optimization. Dauber is on a mission to help dump truck drivers become the hero of their own story.

For example, the taxi industry knew that their customers wanted a better experience but they didn’t think anyone would do anything to make it happen. Then suddenly Uber appeared and now traditional taxis are almost obsolete.

While we’re not Uber for Dump Trucks, (if you want to know why, read the blog post on Why Uber for Dump Trucks is Bad for the Dump Truck Industry) we are committed to helping drivers and fleet owners evolve the dump truck industry.

Q: What Are Your hopes for the Future of the Dump Truck Industry?

A: My hope is that more small and medium sized businesses flourish. I also hope to see more multigenerational businesses. Right now, not too many families are passing down their dump truck business from generation to generation. Either the son sees the stress and disorganization and doesn’t want to take it, or the father doesn’t feel it’s substantial enough to pass on. Dauber App is built to help both of these hopes become reality.

dauber dump truck app

Q: What Would You Like to Say to All of the Dump Truck Drivers Out There?

A: What you do makes a difference. Dump truck drivers are at the core of the construction industry. Without on-time deliveries a whole line of delays and setbacks begin.

Also, we (Dauber) value your independence. With the app, when you’re off call you’re off call. We’re not here to change how you do things or to tell you how to become a better driver. We’re here to help you get things done in a way you’ve never been able to before.

Q: What Would You Like to Say to All of the Dump Truck Fleet Owners Out There?

A: Wouldn’t it be nice for the words that describe your business to stop being “pain in the ass” and start being “joyful”, “fun” or “easy”?

If you’re ready to talk about how Dauber App could change your business and your life, send us a note. Our team is ready to help you understand just how much better your days can get.