Improve Fleet Fuel Efficiency with Trucking Technology

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How Trucking Technology Can Improve Your Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency

The cost of fuel fluctuates on any given day, and your fleet may feel the financial impact after some time. It can be frustrating as a fleet owner or operator when the price of fuel is out of your control, however, there are other things you can control in your fleet to cut fuel costs. Dauber’s fleet management software has features that will track your fleet’s performance and optimize drivers’ routes. Telematics can help you manage your fleet’s fuel consumption, and ensure that your drivers are being safe, efficient, and productive with the fuel they use.

Behaviors That Decrease Fuel Efficiency


Speeding is one of the most common driver behaviors that cause a decrease in your fleet’s fuel efficiency. Gas mileage for larger trucks decreases when going over 65 miles per hour, it is imperative that drivers stay between the 60-65 mph range. Glen Kedzie, the previous Vice President of energy and environmental counsel for the American Trucking Association said, “As a rule of thumb, for every one mile per hour increase in speed, there is a corresponding 0.14 mile-per-gallon (mpg) fuel consumption penalty.” So when a truck is moving at 65mph instead of speeding at 75mph, they will see a 27% improvement in their fuel efficiency.

Engine Idling

Engine idling is another driver behavior that can take a serious toll on your truck’s fuel consumption. Idling can use up a half to a full gallon of a truck’s fuel every hour it is left running. Drivers often leave their trucks idling during their rest periods (8-10 hours), which turns into approximately 1,800 hours and $4,000 in idle fuel waste throughout the year. Drivers will often sit with their trucks idling before or after work, during breaks, or while waiting for their next dispatch.

Inefficient Routing

Your fleet can end up wasting a lot of money on fuel if they aren’t driving on optimized routes. When routes are unnecessarily long, drivers get caught up in traffic, or they get lost, losing you money on wasted fuel.

How Can Dauber’s Technology Help?

Dauber app’s telematic technology conducts real-time fleet performance reporting as drivers are on route and can alert you to any of the unwanted driver behaviors mentioned above. Optimizing driver’s routes and correcting speeding and engine idling will ultimately keep your drivers safer, and reduce your long-term fuel costs.

The Dauber app is constantly working and reevaluating your fleet, to efficiently assign work to the available drivers. Automatic dispatching technology means that your drivers won’t have to sit idling in their trucks and wasting fuel while they wait for their next job. GPS tracking and route optimization ensure that your drivers are on the most efficient routes possible so that they can shorten their driving time and get to their stops faster. When you are saving time, you are saving money.

Schedule A Demo With The Dauber App

Utilizing the technology that the Dauber app offers, ultimately decreases the number of empty miles driven and increases the number of loads delivered by your fleet. The Dauber app’s GPS tracking, responsive route optimization, and automatic dispatching features can significantly reduce your fuel consumption costs and give you even greater insight into your fleet. The technology that the Dauber app offers will have your fleet running as efficiently as possible. Try a demo with the Dauber app today to see how it can optimize your fleet!