Over Committing: Dump Truck Pain Points Pt. 3

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Welcome back to our 7-week blog series titled, “Dump Truck Pain Points”, where we are exploring the most common pain points experienced by fleet owners, operators and drivers, and explain how the Dauber App was developed to help you overcome them.

Dauber’s goal for the industry as a whole is to equip it to enjoy higher profits, happy drivers and an overall better quality of life.

This week we’ll explore:

Dump Truck Over Committing and Cancelling

The Problem: 

Work for dump trucks gets cancelled with great regularity. To ensure full utilization of fleets, operators commonly overcommit their trucks just like hotels and airlines overbook seats and rooms to account for no-shows. This practice is currently necessary to protect their business from losing revenue, but it often results in tensions and loss of faith when they don’t have the resources necessary to fulfill their promises. Reputations get tarnished and relationships suffer because someone is inevitably disappointed.

But it’s not just customers who suffer. Dump truck fleet owners, operators, drivers, and clients all agonize in these situations. Owners and operators end up with empty dump trucks and unhappy clients, while drivers grow to become frustrated over cancellations and lost work. For clients, delivery of materials is vital to keep projects on track. A dump truck being overcommitted, and loads not being delivered, trickle down to overall project delays.

This issue has been a major pain point for everyone in the workflow for decades, and has repeatedly resulted in a loss of trust.

The Solution:

This pain of over committing and then having to cancel on customers exists because dump truck fleet operators have not had an intelligent tool to help them schedule their trucks and drivers for optimization. Such a tool now exists and offers real-time reliable predictions of how close to maximum capacity their fleet will run.

At Dauber, we understand how limited information holds back business owners from managing their fleet. Now, using the Dauber App with its Responsive Route Optimization (RRO), users are able to keep track of their drivers in real time, respond to changing conditions, get reliable predictions on how changes will impact their services, and vastly improve their reliability in the eyes of drivers and customers.

Dump truck drivers using Dauber now have visibility into their work schedule, clients can be confident that their loads will be delivered on time, and fleet owners have the ability to grow their business – without stretching their resources.

Dauber understands each fleet has its own set of needs and goals for the future. That’s why we take our time getting to know fleet owners and their particular needs. It’s important to us that our app is a solution that is effective, easy to use and enjoyable for everyone.

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