Scaling Fleet Size: Dump Truck Pain Points Pt. 4

Dump Truck on the Highway | Dauber App- Solutions for Fleet Owners, Drivers and Dispatchers

We are more than half way through our 7-week blog series titled, “Dump Truck Pain Points”, where we are exploring the most common pain points experienced by fleet owners, operators and drivers, and explaining how the Dauber App was developed to help you overcome them.

Dauber’s goal for the industry as a whole is to equip it to enjoy higher profits, happy drivers and an overall better quality of life.

This week we’ll explore:

Dump Truck Scaling Fleet Size

The Problem:

Dump truck fleet owners and operators struggle to have a comprehensive view of their dump truck fleet movements and its capacity. Without this information, business advances such as scaling fleet size seem unrealistic.

When dump truck fleets are not scalable, profits reach a ceiling. Business growth becomes stagnant, creating frustration for fleet owners and operators that can be felt all the way down to their drivers.

A lack of growth in fleet size can become a large problem. Opportunities are missed to gain new customers and it becomes difficult to continue to serve and delight current customers whose needs change over time. If turning away work becomes a habit, dreams of increased profits start to slip away.

The Solution:

By harnessing the power of automatic dispatching, real-time truck tracking and paperless tickets – you gain both the information and the time needed to scale your fleet.

Automatic fleet dispatching takes care of the headache of communicating with drivers and attempting to coordinate all their movements to maximize their loaded miles. The Dauber App sends your drivers their next job based on where they are in relation to the jobs available. This saves time, cuts back on empty miles and instantly increases profits. With Dauber you can immediately operate at a higher level of efficiency. This opens a door that been locked tight, allowing you to confidently scale your fleet size.

Dauber understands each fleet has its own set of needs and goals for the future. That’s why we take our time getting to know fleet owners and their particular needs. It’s important to us that our app is a solution that is effective, easy to use and enjoyable for everyone.

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