Optimize trucking industry operations with Dauber: TECH SA

Tech SA

SAN ANTONIO – While technology has reached and transformed different industries, web and mobile app founder Brian Jones said there’s one that seems to be left behind: the trucking industry.

Jones is the founder of Dauber, a web-based application that can optimize the way the trucking business operates.

“Right now the way the dump trucks are dispatched is through text messages and phone calls,” Jones said.

The Dauber app aims to change the trucking industry, offering drivers a variety of services, including details of an import or export and hourly jobs that are open.

“It’s up to the driver, whether it’s import, export, hourly job,” Jones said. “They can get signatures, take a photo and indicate to us when they are loaded.”

Jones said the Dauber app will help connect the driver to companies in real-time.

“Seeing what kind of jobs they are going to be doing for the day, seeing how much they have done; helping them not lose tickets for drivers,” Jones said.

Dauber was co-founded in 2015 and is headquartered out of Geekdom offices. The startup is part of the RealCo accelerator program, a 15-month program that helps a handful of promising tech startups flourish through investments and guidance.

Jones’ app is unique in that it was made in consideration of drivers.

“Feedback from drivers is that nobody has really cared for them in the past,” Jones said. “What we are able to do is create a mobile application that actually gives them information that they never had before.”