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Watch fleet movements in real time and analyze performance history.

Paperless Tickets

Invoice immediately with detailed pdf tickets and one-click .csv files.

Say goodbye to hours wasted counting and retrieving lost tickets.

Fleet Visibility & Analytics

Rapid Invoicing

Who's Who Cover

Dauber was recently the cover story in Who's Who in Building and Construction

"After following 39 trucks equipped with GPS units for 10 weeks, the (Dauber) team collected data on the amount of time spent on various activities at each location. They found truckers hauled 6,600 loads in this period... Brian Jones (Dauber CEO) explains the results of his company's data analysis. "Loading, driving while loaded, and unloading equate to 48 percent of a driver's time... Approximately 25 percent of the time they're driving empty, and the remaining 25 percent they're parked. Those guys are suffering and they don't even realize it. There is a substantial amount of dead time that could be used for working."


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What makes Dauber different?

The dump truck industry needs modern solutions to help it grow. Dauber is not a broker and it is far more than a vehicle tracking solution. It is a tool designed specifically to help dump truck owners and operators build a stronger and more profitable business.