Optimizing Sugar Cane Harvesting and Delivery

sugar cane harvested to delivered by trucks

Over 1,000,000 Tons of Sugar Cane Delivered by Dauber and SCGC

Dauber partnered with Belle Glade, Florida-based Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida (SCGC) to bring visibility into their sugar cane harvesting and delivery operations. This first-of-its-kind partnership will lead to optimized truck usage and a streamlined process between SCGC’s various field management and accounting systems.

SCGC runs between 120-200 trucks per day, seven days a week during harvest season to support nine harvest teams, called ‘units’.

Given the long distances between the fields and plant and the variable burn/cut rates of their units, SCGC often found two common issues prior to their partnership with Dauber: There were either not enough trucks at the field to keep up with the unit, or issues in the field led to too many trucks sitting idle, waiting to be loaded.

To overcome this obstacle, SCGC relies on Dauber.

Dauber’s daily assignment planner and AI-based dispatching system helps allocate trucks more efficiently and reduces the amount of time a truck or unit sits idle. The Dauber platform also allows haulers and growers the ability to track the yield of their efforts in real-time, and with customized views and reports.

The next steps for Dauber and SCGC are to fine-tune the truck optimization and integrate Dauber with their other systems, including John Deere and Quickbase.

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The Dauber Process

fleet truck

The first step to optimizing a trucking system is Driver Engagement.

  • Dauber’s easy-to-use mobile app helps drivers track loads with simple, safe prompts.
  • Dauber can provide remote bilingual support.
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Once drivers are engaged, Dauber’s system continuously collects data.

  • Track travel time, routes, load time and plant times.
  • Dauber’s system adjusts to data in real-time to allow for automated changes to truck dispatch needs.
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All stakeholders benefit from increased visibility.

  • Share truck locations with haulers and growers. This gives added confidence that trucks are moving, nearby, or being productive.
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Dauber’s system analyzes and learns about operations.

  • AI-based algorithms can allocate trucks to reduce wait times.
  • Custom business rules (i.e. minimum trucks needed for a field) can be adjusted to meet customer needs.
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Dauber has an open API and can integrate with any third-party system.

  • Get started with simple tools (i.e. spreadsheets, Dauber Assist) then automate processes using existing tools.