3 Ways To Manage A Smarter, Safer Fleet

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3 Ways To Manage A Smarter, Safer Fleet

In today’s day and age, we are always looking for the most efficient way to do x, y, or, z. When it comes to managing a fleet of dump trucks, it is no secret that the industry is in need of an efficiency facelift. Here are 3 ways you can manage a smarter, safer fleet and get ahead of the industry standard.

1. Efficient Communication

One of the largest safety hazards in the industry is miscommunication, or to be more specific, the cell phone. When it comes to updates on drivers’ locations, customers and dispatch operators rely on a phone call or text. However, that puts drivers and everyone else on the road at risk to the dangers of texting and driving. One of the best ways to optimize driver communication and safety is by decreasing a driver’s need to be on the cell phone. One of the benefits of using an app like Dauber is the drivers’ ability to update dispatch on their location with the simple press of a button through the automatic dispatching feature. Truck driver on phone

2. Full Trucks 

A smarter fleet equals a more economically productive fleet and in order to be productive, your trucks need to be loaded as often as possible. The Dauber app optimizes truck utilization to reduce the amount of empty miles driven. Using an AI optimization process, the app is always reevaluating work and assigning it to the best available trucks, therefore increasing the number of full trucks at all times in your fleet.

3. Fleet Visualization 

One of the best ways to manage a smarter, safer fleet is by being able to visually see it at all times. By being able to see the exact number of trucks in your fleet and their estimated time of arrival, you will be able to increase customer satisfaction and potentially grow your fleet. Dauber can help you do this with our dashboard view that displays all your trucks that are on a job.  

Dauber understands each fleet has its own set of needs and goals for the future. That’s why we take our time getting to know fleet owners and their particular needs.  It’s important to us that our app is a solution that is effective, easy to use and enjoyable for everyone

If you’re ready for a change, schedule a Dauber demo today.