3 Ways to Optimize Fleet Performance

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Professionals in the trucking industry are constantly researching ways to optimize fleet performance, maximize income and minimize spending. When issues arise that cost you time and money, your profitability is jeopardized. With the use of apps for hauling and logistics, you can mitigate those troubles by leveraging the convenient features that are available.

route optimization

Route Optimization is
Changing the Game

Together, responsive route optimization and integrated maps ensure that drivers always find the fastest, most efficient routes.

The app creates routes to incorporate as many pick up spots as possible so you eliminate miles driven with an empty truck. The app does this all while finding ways to shred off unnecessary time spent driving on your way to each pick-up spot. With the inclusion of specific driving instructions for each task, customer’s needs and expectations are always met.

fuel efficiency

Fuel Efficiency
at its Finest

A byproduct of optimizing your truck routes is that you can avoid wasting gas! Whether it be by having your trucks running while stuck in traffic, or adding on extra empty miles, these little things can end up costing fleet truck companies big time in the long-run; especially if these errors are made consistently.

Fuel efficiency is a priority in the trucking industry, and efforts are consistently made to minimize inefficient use of funds. Fuel is a costly component, and if there’s a way to cut some of that cost, it should always be taken advantage of.

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Stalled Trucks Equal
Stalled Progress

Stalled traffic isn’t the only thing holding back your company’s efficiency. Stalled progress prevents full utilization of resources. While drivers are no stranger to actively waiting for their next route, the time wasted waiting for those routes is notably counter-productive.

You can minimize the time drivers waste when forced to sit and wait for their next task by leveraging the automatic dispatching software that’s available on Dauber. This feature helps you plan and manage schedules to make sure that no load is ever late or forgotten.

Implementing New Trucking Software

Transitioning a team to a new workflow usually provokes push back and frustrations. Especially when the new processes are complicated and hard to understand. 

That’s why Dauber has strived to make our software straightforward and easy to navigate. We’ve made way for smooth implementation so you can get back on the road!

Together, these features can
  • Maximize the use of tools and workers
  • Make and spend money efficiently
  • Take on additional loads
  • Eliminate wasted tickets
  • Take advantage of every minute
  • Reduce empty miles
  • Optimize fleet performance