Apps for Hauling and Logistics Increase Trust and Results for your Partners

hauling and logistics

One of the most favorable features available on apps for hauling and logistics is Fleet Performance Reporting. This feature allows fleet owners to have visibility on all the critical pieces of their operation. 

It puts the control in your hands, it’s just up to you to steer. 

Being safe on the road, making efficient moves, and using resources wisely are qualities that maintain successful partnerships. In doing so, you make room for new connections to be made within the transportation industry. It helps accomplish the ultimate goal of maintaining customer’s trust and happiness.  

See Your Fleet Operation Under a Microscope

Fleet Performance Reporting software makes customers feel more connected to everyone involved in the process. This is the essential foundation to a successful partnership. Specifics make customers happy. It can be frustrating when people don’t know the status of a delivery. By tracking your drivers, you can give real-time updates. And keep them from feeling lost or unacknowledged.

Some of the highlights that the software offers are stats on total loads, tons, miles, and hours accomplished by your team. You can see a wide range of data that includes vehicle management, asset tracking, and in-depth analysis of cycle time. Additionally, you have the ability to combine it with Power BI if you’d like more customized reporting.

Tracking Your Trucks & Drivers Increases Confidence

The Fleet Performance Reporting feature not only helps you monitor your trucks but can also keep track of your drivers’ productivity. Typically, when people hear that they’re being tracked, they think of micro-managing, but that’s not the intention of the software. It’s important to trust that your drivers are making the most beneficial decisions. At times, they may need guidance, and that’s when you should step in.

The visibility of your trucks and drivers ensures that they are driving smart and safe. If a driver is not following protocols or falling short of expectations, the Fleet Performance Reporting feature will let you know. Behaviors can be corrected in time to keep your drivers safe and uphold your company’s credibility.

How Truck Driver Safety Impacts Efficacy

Things like unsafe driving and late deliveries can cause serious damage to your company’s reputation. Most importantly, unsafe driving increases the chances of something bad happening on the road. Unforeseen hazards may come your way every day, and we need to be equipped for those moments.

Safety is always the priority for bulk material hauling and logistics professionals. That’s why many insurance companies offer discounted rates if tracking technology is incorporated into your fleet operations. It’s a communal effort to keep our roads safe.

Dauber’s technology lends a hand in this effort by creating an efficient, safe, and seamless driving experience. Their app for hauling and logistics offers innovative software, including Fleet Performance Reporting and plenty of other convenient features, to help you increase the efficacy of your operation. Learn more about each of these features and how they can contribute to your company’s growth and success.