Breaking Down the Hauling & Logistics Industry

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Working in the hauling and logistics industry is more than a career choice – it’s a lifestyle. The seed was planted way back when you were just a little tyke. It’s part of who you are, regardless if it was instilled by a lineage of truckers or if you were led here by your desire to challenge yourself to work in an energizing, innovative industry. 

To appreciate where we stand now, we have to recognize where our trucking ancestors started. 

The Impact of the Industry

The hauling and logistics industry came to life in 1912, with 10,000 trucks as their lifeline. Today, there are around 40 million!

The trucking industry employs 3.9 million commercial driver’s license holders as of 2018, according to the  American Trucking Associations. These drivers deliver 70 percent of all the freight carried throughout the United States. Their contributions and dedication have helped the industry itself reach a value of $11.5 trillion with $791.7 billion in gross revenue.

Saying we’ve come a long way is an understatement.

hauling and logistics then and now

Hauling & Logistics: Then & Now

Take a second to remember the good ol’ days, when winging it was the norm. Finding your next job and destination took initiative and proactivity – Now, they come to you so you can keep your schedule full. Once you got to your destination, you had to pull out a flimsy piece of paper to keep track of tickets and document extremely critical data, then hope it made it to the next stop with you – Now, all you have to do is take a picture of the ticket, upload it, and input the rest of the data into your phone. No more lost data, no more gaps – life is good.

Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by the innovative resources and technology we use and abuse today, but they do make our past processes look like a bad joke. It’s hard to imagine functioning in such a demanding industry without a proper tool belt.

dauber app desktop icon | Dauber Fleet Owner/ Dump Truck App
With Dauber’s Hauling & Logistics App, you can...
  • Track loads and manage trucks
  • Coordinate schedules
  • Optimize routes with GPS
  • Digitally document loads

A major plus? Since everything is done online, invoicing and accounting are completed way more efficiently so you can focus on the fun parts of your job instead of the tedious, confusing paperwork.

Optimizing the Industry Through Innovation

It’s no question that implementing technology into the hauling and logistics industry was a necessary move, but it’s not often that we take time to look at the before and after and thank our lucky stars that someone out there was staying ahead of the game. Now, we get to reap in all the benefits.

Dauber Applications is just one contributor to the improved workflow, but we take great pride in knowing our input has been monumental for our partners in the industry. Find out how we’re changing the game from the lens of one of our partners, Manatt’s Inc. by clicking here.