3 Ways to Increase Your Fleet’s Safety

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3 Ways to Increase Your Fleet’s Safety

At Dauber, we understand that fleet safety is not only important to keep your materials, drivers, and job site secure, but also to protect your business’s reputation. Fleet leadership can improve the safety of their fleets by following these simple tips.  

 1. Prioritize Vehicle Maintenance

It’s important to have all your vehicles go through regular inspections to ensure your vehicles are always working properly and up to date on recalls. Preventative maintenance will not only improve the safety of your drivers but also their performance and efficiency. Planning vehicle maintenance on top of a heavy schedule can be difficult, with Dauber fleet managers unlock visibility over their fleet.  With this information, you can predict your fleet’s movements, and schedule around their loads. Before every driver’s shift, you can assign them a small vehicle checklist such as checking tire pressure and checking breaks.

 2. Safety Education

Having a safety program helps to ensure that your drivers take the correct precautions when operating on the road and can prevent serious accidents and help management. Develop a safety education program that covers safe driving techniques such as the rules on the road and how to deal with unsafe drivers. Even reminding your drivers about simple safety tips such as the importance of your seat belt or use of technology devices can make a big difference in your driver’s safety. You can also have your drivers attend safety conferences throughout the year to make sure their updated on the latest safety standards.

 3. Establish a Reward System

Establishing a rewards program for your drivers that are constantly engaged with their safety performance is a good way to reinforce good behavior and keep them motivated. Ways you can reward your drivers include additional vacation time, safety bonuses, or gifting equipment. Not only will a rewards program create a safe environment it can motivate your drivers to stay longer with your company.

 Drivers are core to our industry and keeping them safe is a priority. Implementing safety procedures for your fleet increases their productivity and helps with future growth for your business.  

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