Unlocking Growth for Process Industries

Process Industries

Unlocking Growth for Process Industries

The pain points we’ve discussed in our dump truck blog series also affect other process industries that are vital to our economy. These pain points include:

  • Limited Visibility of Supply Chain
  • Unreliable Communication and Record-Keeping
  • Inefficient Routing Processes

These systematic problems create difficulty for businesses in the process industries to increase their capacity and grow their business. Dauber tackles these pain points with it’s easy-to-use, scalable application that can improve process industry operations. 


What Are The Process Industries? 

Many of the materials used to create the infrastructure around us are sourced by process industries. These industries use local specialized trucks to transport these bulk materials.

Process Industries: 

  • Construction Aggregates
  • Cement
  • Agriculture 
  • Heavy Construction

Dauber Improves Your Fleet Management

  • Fleet Flexibility: 
    • With Dauber, carriers have complete control of their fleet’s deliveries. Drivers can use any GPS system they prefer or simply track their location using their mobile device.
  • Real-Time Visibility: 
    • Dispatchers are able to monitor truck locations and order status at all times and share order views with customers, improving their confidence and reducing the need for time-consuming status update calls.
  • Reactive Optimization: 
    • Dauber is continuously optimizing your fleet’s output. Dauber automatically adjusts to order changes and unpredictable drivers, reducing empty miles and increasing capacity.
  • Paperless Ticketing: 
    • No need for paper tickets! Customers sign directly on the Dauber App, confirming the delivery location and time of delivery. These paperless tickets are available immediately for fast billing and settlement.
  • Performance Reporting: 
    •  With Dauber you can create custom reports on the metrics that matter most to you including fleet performance, plant loading, order cycle time, customer unload times, new order estimates, etc.

Dauber Applications can integrate with any LST carrier type. Dauber Applications allows you to track your entire fleet and seamlessly coordinate between your drivers and customers. Increasing your efficiency and unlocking your growth potential, Dauber helps you scale your business.

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