Write The Perfect “CDL Truck Drivers Wanted” Ad

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How To Write The Perfect “CDL Truck Drivers Wanted” Ad

Don’t just look for your next driver- have them looking for you! Here are a few things you can add to your hiring process to ensure you get the best of the people you need.


Independent Workers Wanted

You always want drivers who can get themselves from point A to point B with minimal speedbumps. These drivers pride themselves on optimizing your schedule because when they win – you win! Fleets who’s drivers use Dauber have the help they need to succeed, right in their pocket! The best drivers who are looking for opportunities will always be happy to see that you’re using the latest and best tech on the market to make their lives easier while on the job.


Safe Drivers Wanted

You only want to hire drivers who will keep your equipment safe and reduce accidents while on the job. The last thing you need to deal with while you manage your fleet is responding to a wreck or law enforcement issue with a driver. By keeping your drivers safe, your equipment investments are protected as well! You want to keep an eye on all your driver’s delivery statuses, so that if something does go wrong you can be the first to know. Real-time support is a must for many drivers – by letting them know you’re there for them, they’ll be there for you.


Ability To Follow Directions and Navigate Effectively Are A Must

We get it. Out on the open road, with buzzing traffic and construction closures, it can be easy to become stuck or turned around on a driver’s route. This can delay everyone’s timeline and cause issues for the drivers and their delivery clients. A serious upgrade (and attractive job listing benefit!) is a responsive route optimization software. By advertising your fleet’s latest and greatest technology that you’re offering your drivers, you can get some serious applications from better candidates.


Time Management Skills Required

You’re looking for people who can deliver. Deliver their shipment on – or ahead – of time, every time. Letting your prospective applicants know that you can help them leverage their road experience by showing off their timely deliveries without having to lift a finger is a big plus! You should let them know how much easier you’re making their day with Dauber on the job!


Let Them Know You Compensate Quickly And Easily!

Paperless Tickets and rapid accounting software make pay-day a breeze. Brag that your drivers get paid faster, making you the preferred top-tier company to work with. Get the tools you’ve needed to grow both your customer base and scale your fleet!

Track Deliveries, easily maintain vehicle logs, swiftly track cargo records, real-time reporting on delivery issues, and professionally fulfilling billing statements. Do it all. With Dauber!