Fitting The Business vs. Fitting The Solution

Manatt's employees out on site at a project.

A Brief History

Manatt’s Inc. is the true definition of a family-owned business. Established in 1947 with nothing more than a single Studebaker truck, Manatt’s impact now spans across multiple generations, the Midwest, and beyond. Nowadays, the company offers more than just aggregate hauling; from ready-mix to construction services, Manatt’s continues to be a midwest must. To date, they have 53 locations across Iowa, employ over 800 individuals, and run over 500 trucks, with 50 – 80 of them supporting hauling services.

A few years ago, Manatt’s Inc. welcomed Bridger Moreland, CTO, and Brandon Ford, Business Analyst, to the team. Both men saw the opportunity to scale the business and optimize operations through the use of data and technology. From there, the hunt began to find the perfect system.

Struggles Before Dauber

Leading Up to Dauber

Every sports fan knows it’s very rare to hit a home run on the first pitch. The same goes for finding a technology partner that can check off all of the boxes. The Manatt’s team started their technology journey with another hauling and logistics software, but found that it couldn’t meet their wishlist’s needs. The model was too self-contained, and options for customization were limited. They felt like another fish in the corporate pond when it came to customer support, causing a low adoption rate among drivers. As a family-owned and operated business for over 65 years, Manatt’s needed more than another software system; they needed a software partner. 

After hearing about Dauber from a friend in the industry, Bridger and Brandon quickly set up a demo to learn more. From the initial meeting to the Dauber team flying out to meet them, it was clear that Dauber offered a solution like no other. Finally, a system that met their customization, flexibility, support, and partnership needs.

“In working with Dauber, we were able to take the solution and fit it to our business rather than try to fit our business to a solution.”
– Brandon Ford, Business Analyst for Manatt’s Inc.


Life With Dauber


Since Implementing Dauber Into Their Hauling Services, Manatt’s Has Seen:

A Few of Manatt’s Inc. Favorite Dauber Features:

Instead of finding a software they could fit into, Manatt’s found a solution they could tailor to them. Bridger and Brandon use Dauber’s data to identify opportunities, both big and small, to be more efficient and effective as a company. Dauber works every day through collaboration and input of current users, like Manatt’s, to improve and grow the software that’s revolutionizing the trucking industry.

Increase Operational Efficiency to Improve Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Whitney Transport

operational efficiency

A Brief History

Whitney is a local, family-owned and operated company in the dry bulk material and dump truck services industry with a combined 60 years of experience. Founder & CEO, Chris Whitney, was frustrated with the challenges he was experiencing in the industry when he found Dauber. With Dauber, Whitney was able to increase the satisfaction of their drivers and better serve their customers.

Struggles Before Dauber

Leading Up to Dauber

Chris Whitney had a vision of working with large fleets, but he knew this wouldn’t be possible following these outdated processes. He believed that visibility, accountability, and transparency would allow Whitney to provide superior customer service. 

They needed a more efficient operations system that would accurately communicate to their customers when their load was coming. He had a vision of the perfect product and knew a solution was out there. Whitney was introduced to Dauber, and after seeing it in action, Whitney knew they were onto something. 

With aggressive goals, they onboarded their entire operation with Dauber in January 2019. Chris’s father, Rick, who has been in the industry for 46 years, was there to help oversee Whitney Transport’s launch. After only a few hours of operation, Rick was in awe, explaining to his son that “[He has] been around for 68 years and this is the coolest thing [he’s] seen.”

“The positive response from our customers and drivers has been unbelievable”
– Chris Whitney.


Life With Dauber


Since incorporating Dauber Applications into their structure, Whitney has:

A Few of Whitney’s Favorite Dauber Features

There’s an increase in transparency by seeing what’s going on in real-time. Whitney now can be proactive and solve issues before customers/drivers know the problem even exists. Dauber’s impact on their internal onboarding process has been another massive win for Whitney. Overall, Whitney is excited to have Dauber as a partner and can’t wait for what the future holds.

Building a Business from the Tech Up: A Case Study of AGGSHIP

building a business

A Brief History

Steve Howard started in the trucking industry back in 2006, working for other large aggregate haulers. From the start, he couldn’t help but notice the decades-long inefficiencies that were holding the industry back. With the rise of technology in the 2000s, Steve figured that there had to “be a better way.”

In January of 2018, AGGSHIP Solutions was founded with Dauber technology as an integral part of their business model. AGGSHIP operates solely off of independently contracted truckers. With Dauber, AGGSHIP has created a business model that decreases paperwork while increasing revenue and loads per day.

Struggles Before Dauber

Leading Up to Dauber

Steve had worked with other trucking and logistics applications prior to starting AGGSHIP. However, none of them stuck. The business model either interfered with how he wanted to manage his fleets, or the tech was too complicated for drivers and project managers to integrate.

For Steve, all roads lead to a dead-end that did not justify the expense. Until, a friend in the industry referred him to Dauber, claiming it could accomplish all that he was missing beforehand, and then some.

Steve set up a demo with Dauber and quickly saw how the technology was different than everything else on the market. After vetting the application and working with the Dauber team to find the perfect solution, AGGSHIP Solutions was built.

“Before I found Dauber, I was about to call an end to my career in the hauling industry”
– Steve Howard


Life With Dauber


Since creating a business model around Dauber Applications, AGGSHIP has seen: 

A Few of AGGSHIPs Favorite Dauber Features:

Although a growing company normally comes with extra stresses, AGGSHIP says their success and growth have almost gone unnoticed because of the workload Dauber helps to relieve. Steve loves the accuracy and reliability of Dauber applications. He feels as though Dauber truly is “the better way.”