The People Behind Dauber: Meet Developer Kelly Scott

Kelly Scott, Director of Product

The most important piece of Dauber Applications is its people, Part Three.

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Without the passion and dedication of our team, Dauber would lack the human component that makes the app’s possibilities so impactful. To better understand what Dauber can do for you, we believe it’s important you understand the people behind it.


Kelly was brought into the Dauber family over a year ago to assist with Dauber’s vision for helping the dump truck industry. With a passion for user experience and technology, Kelly works daily to ensure that our customers get the best possible product to make their daily lives better and their companies more successful.

Q: What Is Your Favorite Thing About The Dauber App?

A: More than anything, I want to help create clarity and accountability which I believe leads to trust and success. The Dauber App is incredibly easy for drivers to use and we’re continuing to work hard to bring more tools and value into the app for them. My favorite thing is having the drivers connected with their dispatchers and customers in real-time for a seamless experience that lets them focus and get the job done well. Most of all, I enjoy hearing stories from drivers and dispatchers about getting more jobs done, spending less time on the phone, and just plain enjoying their workday more. We’re a company focused on improving the lives of our users and that is something wonderful to be a part of.

Q: What Are You Most Proud Of?

A: I’m most proud of the work that went into our route optimization and having our app work for drivers that temporarily go through mobile dead-zones. Those are particularly difficult features and our development team has worked tirelessly to get those right. Most recently, we’ve added sections into the app that provide drivers with their personal driving stats and upcoming job loads. What we were seeing in the industry was that some drivers occasionally overestimated the amount of work they accomplished in a work period and that would lead to some conflict. We’re very excited to give drivers a resource that automatically keeps track of their work for them and that they can view at any time. Also, I’m proud every time I hear our team talking to our customers, taking their feedback, and making sure they are having a great experience. At the end of the day, it is all about making their lives better.

Q: What Are Your Hopes For The Future Of The Dump Truck Industry?

A: My hope is that the industry embraces technology in a way that empowers them to choose their own path forward instead of what happened to the taxi industry with Uber and Lift. We see a lot of disruption happening in a lot of industries but that disruption often doesn’t benefit those already in an existing market. We built Dauber to be different and to specifically benefit existing trucking fleets and drivers with the belief that this industry deserves better. I hope that the industry chooses technologies that allow them to serve their customers better and have their businesses thrive.

Q: What Would You Like To Say To All Of The Dump Truck Drivers Out There?

A: We’ve built the Dauber App to make your lives easier and keep you in contact with the customer and your dispatcher but without all the back-and-forth phone calls. We took care in how we built it by taking feedback directly from other dump truck drivers and slowly rolled it out to some beta testers to be absolutely sure that it helps you. New technology can be intimidating and we’ve worked hard to make it easy and get it right. Please, try us for a week.

Q: What Would You Like To Say To All Of The Dump Truck Fleet Owners Out There?

A: Digital jobs, paperless tickets, geo-location, route optimization, white-labeled reporting, and historical trips are all great. A system that is specifically designed for your industry that pulls all these things together and more along with an app your drivers will actually use… this will reinvigorate your business and life!

If you’re ready to talk about how the Dauber App could change your business and your life, send us a note. Our team is ready to help you understand just how much better your days can get.