The People Behind Dauber: Meet Ward Dow

The most important piece of Dauber Applications is its people, Part Three.

(Did you miss Part One? Read our blog on CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Jones).

Without the passion and dedication of our team, Dauber would lack the human component that makes the app’s possibilities so impactful. To better understand what Dauber can do for you, we believe it’s important you understand the people behind it.


Ward was the man who pitched the idea for Dauber to his friend and colleague Brian Jones after years of working together on sites around San Antonio. As former owner of ELLA SA Contracting (purchased) Ward spent years providing services to his clients which required tight coordination with dump truck fleets. In trying to provide the best services possible for his clients, he began to appreciate the need drivers and owner operators had for a technology to help them better serve him and their other customers.

Q: What Is Your Favorite Thing About The Dauber App?

A: That it is intended to improve the lives of those we serve by confronting the traditional, unethical behaviors that have defined the dump trucking industry through the promotion of a transparent, professional relationship between carriers and their clients. This intent is what I am most proud of. The App will reward those who are willing to treat others, both upstream and downstream, with respect by providing them with easily manageable data that clearly proves their performance.

Q: What Are You Most Proud Of?

A: Working with men who are committed to strengthening and expanding God’s Kingdom by serving others.

Q: What Are Your Hopes For The Future Of The Dump Truck Industry?

A: That it will be transformed from a game played in the shadows of distrust to an honorable service industry such that it attracts and retains participants with hearts for improving their lives and the lives of their families. My hope is that the App will contribute to this transformation by enabling both carriers and clients to make business and life decisions based on truths rather than suspicions.

Q: What Would You Like To Say To All Of The Dump Truck Drivers Out There?

A: We understand how the industry works. We are participants ourselves. We have seen the lack of confidence in promises made, by both carriers and clients. We know the importance of, and the risk associated with securing timely payment. We see the unethical behaviors born out of the will to just survive – bid shopping, double billing, load thefts, short payments, etc. and how that leads to single client relationships based on fear, rather than trust. We see what that these things add to the price of hauling and we see how it is virtually impossible to price hauling at its’ true cost. We see the uncertainties that arise just during the course of a normal day – traffic, accidents, scale times, cancelled jobs, weather, etc, and how the correct option to mitigate the negative impact of these is not always visible. By assembling all of the data and continually reassessing it as it changes in order to reprioritize the needs of both the carriers and the clients, we can provide real time direction to keep carriers working efficiently and the deliveries to the clients being made in a timely manner. If you work with us, you will see consistent work, reduce your pricing and make more money. You will be able to consistently make promises you can keep and rely on the promises made to you by clients who are using the App. These things will enable you to make decisions regarding growth, financing and cash flow based on data, rather than hunches. You will be a more professional resource and have a distinct advantage over those who continue to pursue work the old way.

Q: What Would You Like To Say To All Of The Dump Truck Fleet Owners Out There?

A: Much of the same. In addition, the App will allow you to quickly add trucks on a real time basis to your subcontracted fleet and, thus, never have to turn down work. Conversely, you will be able to release trucks just as quickly to adapt to overbooking or other changes to demand. You will not hear the question that starts the three party loop of “where’s my truck” again. By enabling your clients to view their jobs, you will allow them to see in real time where their truck is. This will, in turn, give them the information necessary to make good onsite resource allocation decisions. Paperless invoicing based on geo-positioned and time stamped delivery signatures will give you the peace of mind that what you are billing for and what you are paying out are exactly what was delivered. The App will give you the tools to be a best in class resource for your clients.

If you’re ready to talk about how the Dauber App could change your business and your life, send us a note. Our team is ready to help you understand just how much better your days can get.